In Their Own Words

MEOR students come from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds and previous education. Here are a few examples of what they say about MEOR:


MEOR was truly a life-changing experience. I was raised with a strong sense of my Jewish identity but MEOR opened my eyes to a Judaism that I have never experienced before, showing me the beauty and importance of Jewish ideals and thought. Our classes were taught by some of the most unbelievable minds that I have ever encountered, and my first trip to the Holy Land with MEOR was an unforgettable journey.”

-Amanda Glassman, Yale University


The Rutgers Jewish Xperience (MEOR at Rutgers University) opened up doors to vast opportunities for learning and building relationships. I cannot say enough to show my gratitude towards the program and those who run it on the Rutgers campus, as they have taken me from a hard point in my college career and made it enlightening and more fulfilling. I write this out of thanks and admiration for the hard work put in to these programs, but more importantly to stand up and testify that programs like the RJX, as well as Israel trips like the MEOR Maimonides Fellowships, have changed the lives of many students on my college campus.”

-Amanda Ross, Rutgers University


MEOR has the best organized trip I have ever been on—a gift, one I will always cherish. Seeing Israel in a new light, learning with young, energetic, and brilliant rabbis and touring the beautiful state with my peers was wonderful.”

Alexis Stecker, Binghamton University


MEOR introduced me to Judaism as something much greater than I experienced before. I learned that Judaism is academic, communal, spiritual, and so much more—all at once! MEOR opened avenues for me to explore what Judaism may mean for me as a Jew in the larger sense and, specifically, as a young woman.”

-Amanda Troxler, Northwestern University


I have done a number of Jewish-related programs since I have been at college, from Hillel to AEPi, but Mesorah (MEOR at GW) gave me the opportunity to expand my leadership on a much more interesting aspect of Judaism, which is education. Mesorah DC was how I discovered my strong interest in not only learning about Judaism, but teaching it as well. Working with the other student board members was also fun, and it definitely didn’t hurt that I already knew I enjoyed hanging out them from the start.”

-Derek Platt, George Washington University


Only now, looking back at the past three years, can I begin to appreciate the doors that MEOR opened for me while I was a student at Penn. For the first time, a panorama of Torah and Judaism was shown to me as just that – a panorama – placed in my hands to choose or leave behind. The weekly lectures sparked my interest in the big philosophical questions of Judaism, while the one-on-one learning allowed me to work through my own personal questions. The Shabbatons reminded me that there is a whole world of vibrant Jewish life outside the college bubble, and perhaps most impacting on me, the program exposed me to some of the most inspiring Jews I had ever met— people whose breadth, depth, and passion have helped me to find my own place among the Jewish people.”

-Jack Cohen, University of Pennsylvania


The MEOR Israel experience was unique among any previous trip to the Holy Land. The depth of insight I gained filled the void of meaning that lay behind the ancient landscapes and ruins. The lessons applied not only to my surroundings, but to my life as well. Along with additional study with the MEOR Maimonides Leaders Fellowship and Sinai Retreats, the ideas and inspiration proved to be the first footsteps down a richly rewarding path.”

-Mark Friedman, University of Pennsylvania


MEOR Northwestern ignited the spark that began one year ago on Birthright. Throughout the year I participated in MEOR Shabbat experiences, Torah study, challah baking and, most recently, the MEOR trip to Israel. There I was in Israel with 40 other people who shared the same interest and desire to learn. Morning classes created the framework for this spiritual journey, followed by activities in the afternoon and evening. In Israel, I learned more about Judaism in 2 weeks than I did in months of learning at home. I left the trip with people who I now consider family and a new inspiration to learn Torah and grow. I would most enthusiastically recommend the MEOR Israel trip to students of any Jewish background.

-Tatum Brenner, Northwestern University


MEOR challenges you intellectually and spiritually as well as allows you to meet other like-minded Jewish college students facing similar issues in life and on campus.”

-Zev Rozen, University of Pennsylvania