MEOR Israel

MEOR Israel offers university students from around the country the opportunity of a lifetime to tour, learn and live in Israel over winter or summer break…a trip you won’t forget at a price you can’t beat! Check out our trip photo galleries, read what other students have said about the trip, view past itineraries…and fill out the application that will get you started on an unforgettable journey.

Spend your mornings in the serene Jerusalem mountains connecting with your heritage through engaging and in-depth Jewish study. In a place super-charged with inspiration and stocked with the most interesting and stimulating teachers anywhere, the opportunities for discovery and exploration are literally endless.

Spend your afternoons exploring the country’s rich and varied historic, geographic, recreational and cultural landscape. With MEOR’s somewhat longer schedules than many other Israel trips, we are able to provide participants opportunities to discover facets of Israel they may not have been aware of or had the opportunity to enjoy.

Spend your nights (most of them) exploring Israeli culture and enjoying free time to meet with family and friends…or just relax and inhale deeply.

Spend your weekends celebrating Shabbat in the most powerful Jewish locations on earth – including Jerusalem and Safed – bonding with new friends from universities around the country.

Spend your money on something else…because MEOR Israel offers one of the greatest values dollar-for-dollar!!


Meet the MEOR Israel Staff:

Rabbi Yehoshua Styne

Israel Educational Director

As Meor’s Israel Educational Director, Rabbi Styne oversees and teaches on the Israel-based programs: the Israel Trips, Meor Plus, Meor Vision, and J-Internships. He is known for his dynamic teaching style and care in getting to know each student. During the academic year, Rabbi Styne travels to the Meor campuses to teach and meet up with students from previous Meor programs.

Born in Great Neck, NY, Rabbi Styne studied Management and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of business before migrating west to study at USC’s prestigious Graduate School of Cinema. Rabbi Styne learned at the famed Mir Yeshiva under Rav Asher Arielli and Rav Yosef Elefant. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rav Yosef Lerner and Rav Moshe Halbershtam (zt”l) from the Edah Charedis Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem. Rabbi Styne is a faculty member of Machon Shlomo, a Jewish studies institution noted for the high caliber of its students, where he teaches gemara, halacha, ethics and philosophy. He currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children.

Mrs. Michal Levy

Director of the Women’s Learning Program

As director of the Women’s Learning Program, Michal is active in all MEOR programs, overseeing and giving insightful courses for women on Meor Israel Trips, MEOR Plus and MEOR Vision. Michal infuses compassion and excitement into her teaching. Regardless of the number of students she is teaching she makes it a priority to meet each of the students, guides them through their various programs and then follows up with them when they return the States. When she is not mentoring MEOR students, Michal teaches in Bnos Sarah and Midreshet Tehillah, two post-high school seminaries for girls, throughout the academic year. She is also a student advisor and programs coordinator for Midreshet Tehillah.

Michal was born and raised in Israel and received her certification and specialized degree in education from Merkaz Beit Yakov. She earned a B.A. in English and Education from The Ministry of Education of Israel and also participated in the Counseling Skills Course at the Family Institute at Neve Yerushalayim. Michal lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

The trip is the perfect way to experience Israel for the first time, or even the 20th time. It's something that will last forever. And, it's beautiful.

- Gabe, University of Pennsylvania

Meor is a great way to learn about Judaism and Israel; the size of the group allows many relationships and a variety of different people, the length of the trip gives you a good amount of time to really take in the country.

-Eric, Rutgers University

A unique combination of Jewish philosophical probing and recreational activities that cannot be passed up. I would highly recommend it to all interested in further exploring Jewish identity.

-Hannah, Yale University

I have already shared with many friends and family that the trip was truly an experience of a lifetime! The concepts we learned and the places we traveled were awe inspiring. I acquired so much knowledge and made so many friendships. It is so important for Jews to travel to Israel and connect personally with the land and the people! This trip is better than Birthright!

-Ariella, UC Berkeley

Summer ’16


Trip 1: Emory, GW, Berkeley May 11- May 28

Trip 2: UPenn, Harvard, Yale May 16- June 2

Trip 3: Boston, Tufts, Brandeis, NYU, Temple May 17- June 2

Trip 4: Rutgers, Maryland, Binghamton, Cornell May 26- June 9