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Come and join the most powerful journey you may ever take. This program will carry you to the heart of the Jewish people by touching the soil of possibly our greatest place of historical and spiritual turmoil. Poland. Experience simultaneously the vibrancy of Jewish life as it once was, and thus the magnitude of the loss, the intricacies of Jewish life and death in the Holocaust, and the seeds of rebirth in America, Israel, and once again Poland. Visit the camps and cities, meet with survivors and community builders, probe the depths of your humanity and tap the very source of your soul.

Led by your local MEOR staff and complemented by world-class guides and educators, our trip will include a distinctly Jewish approach to engage Judaism at its core, wrestle with the struggles of our people, and engrave the lessons and impact of this journey upon our lives. Likely to be the most wondrous, awesome, and enlightening week of your college career, and quite possibly your life.

Capacity: 175 Students


As our guide often repeated, this was not a trip, but a journey, and indeed it was. It was a journey that explored the flourishing of Jewish culture for centuries in Europe, the ability of our people to stand together as a community during times of terror, our ability to rise even stronger from the ashes, and my personal journey in investigating my roots, understanding such atrocities, and learning to grow stronger as an individual and a Jew from what I witnessed.”

Even today I still can’t adequately find the words to describe this trip. It was one of the most intense and difficult experiences of my life, and yet one of the most amazing. It will forever stay with me.”

Visiting the camps in Poland is incomparable to reading or hearing about them. I’ve never felt more closely connected to Jewish history than when we were at the concentration camps. You see where these people ate, bathed, how they cared for their families as much as they could, continued to practice their religion no matter what. As heart wrenching as visiting these places may be, I believe it is necessary for any and every Jew to see.”


Meet the MEOR Poland Staff:

Rabbi Yosef Lynn

Director of MEOR Poland

Rabbi Yosef Lynn is the Dean of Students at Machon Yaakov and Director of MEOR Poland. Prior to making Aliyah, he served as captain of the U.S. National & World running-cycling team, as well as finished the Ironman Triathlon competition. He also holds a Masters Degree in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a believer that true personal greatness results from understanding and building one’s strengths.

Rabbi Lynn is involved in all aspects of MEOR Poland, especially as an educator.


Yael Seruya

Assistant Director of MEOR Poland

YaelBorn in Chicago, Yael has a BA in Business Administration and Judaic Studies from Touro College. After spending 6 years with NCSY as a City Director in a few Midwest cities and running summer programs for high school kids, she moved on to become the backbone of operations at MEOR at the University of Pennsylvania for 7 years. Most recently, she was the Director of Operations for THRIVE at Hebrew University, providing American exchange students with an enriching Israel experience.

Yael has been running Poland trips for MEOR for the past 8 years and her passion for Holocaust education makes her a crucial part of the MEOR Poland team.


MEOR Poland


Trip #1:
Berkeley, Brown, Drexel, Harvard, Stanford
January 1-8
Trip #2:
American, Emory, Penn, Yale
January 1-8
Trip #3:
Binghamton, Cornell, NYU, Temple
January 8-15
Trip #4:
Brandeis, BU, GW, Maryland, Rutgers, Tufts
January 8-15
* Price: Check with your campus director for pricing

Sponsored by: Kohelet Foundation


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