MEOR Vision

Vision is the ability…

…to see the present deeply and accurately. To see myself, and the world, through a lens not clouded by preconception. That is a first step to growing.

Vision is the ability to learn from the past. To learn from history, from the wisdom of the ages, and of the sages.

Vision is the ability to dream, to become inspired with my potential, and to develop a notion of what my life can look like.

Build three Visions. In three weeks.


MEOR Vision

Looking for the next step in your Jewish growth? MEOR Vision is for you.

Based in Jerusalem, MEOR Vision is three-weeks of high level Torah study, Jewish education, and Jewish leadership training.

MEOR Vision is interactive and personal. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and lay leaders, you will delve into Talmudic discourse, acquire new skills in concentrated study of Jewish texts, learn leadership theory and technique, and undertake an engaging seminar focused on personal character development.Also, there will be a customized individual learning component, where you will learn and develop a topic of your choice. Post MEOR Vision you will be encouraged to share your individual project with your friends and family back home.

Your days will be packed with dynamic lectures, one-on-one learning, and traveling for on-site classes and adventures.

Your nights will be filled with group discussions, free-time in Jerusalem, and exciting surprises.

The Sabbaths will be spent in Jerusalem and in the north, incorporating specially-designed, small-group workshops and inspirational encounters.

Admission is open only to college students and graduates who have participated in the MEOR Israel program, Maimonides Fellows Leadership program, or any of the other outstanding programs which prepare the student for the next step in his or her development, MEOR Vision.


We challenge you to join us for the ultimate Jewish leadership experience.


I grew exponentially in my knowledge and understanding of Judaism, much further than I could have ever expected. The classes we had gave me new insight into all aspects of Judaism. I especially loved the text studies we did, giving me a much deeper understanding of stories in the Torah. Outside of classes, I had an amazing time living in a religious community and learning from those around me. There was never a moment when I was not learning and growing on the MEOR Vision trip.

- Elayna, University of Pennsylvania

MEOR Vision provided an amazing experience that every person should have.  I sang, I danced, I learned and enjoyed life to the fullest.  This is a program that gives us the guidance and inspiration to follow our dreams and become the best people we can be.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time and important answers to life's complicated questions.

-Alex, Emory University

I left Vision with the confidence and determination to integrate the lessons learned into my life at home. I have no doubt that the knowledge I acquired will strengthen my relationships with my family, friends and Hashem. I have a deeper understanding of how I learn best, as well as what simulates and inspires me to continue this process of growth. I look forward to returning to Israel in the near future to continue my journey of learning.

-Sari, University of Pennsylvania

I went into MEOR Vision thinking about getting a taste of yeshiva life and learning more about Judaism. MEOR Vision was much more than that.  I can truly say the program had a significant positive impact in my life and my perspective.  With only three short weeks, I gained much clarity in my life goals and values.

-Daniel, Georgia Tech

MEOR Vision Summer 2016 Dates:

Women’s Program: Monday, May 16 2016 (travel date) – Wednesday, June, 1 2016

Men’s Program: Sunday, May 22 2016 (travel date) – Sunday, June, 5 2016

Women’s Program Contact: Ms. Michal Levy

Men’s Program Contact: Rabbi Yehoshua Styne

Program Cost

 The program cost is as follows:

  • $450 which includes tuition, room and board. Flight is covered up to $1500.