I was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. My parents are Israeli, so my first language has always been Hebrew. Growing up in traditional Sephardic home, the highlight was when my family shared meals for Shabbat and holidays. My parents also ensured that we traveled to Israel as frequently as possible to visit our extended family. Those trips, along with the amazing summers at Camp Judaea, kept me connected to my roots from a cultural standpoint. It wasn’t until I connected with MEOR in college that I learned about those roots through the lens of Judaism.

I heard about MEOR during my first year at Emory from Rabbi Fleshel, and joined his Maimonides class on campus that semester. I found MEOR to be an exceptionally warm and inviting place. Rabbi Fleshel and his wonderful wife Hannah opened their home to me, my friends, and so many other students for classes, holiday meals, challah bakes, Jewish life and Israel-themed events, and beautiful Shabbat dinners.

My MEOR experiences taught me that being Jewish is not simply a cultural identity but a national one steeped in beautiful and longstanding traditions. MEOR also opened the door to a lifetime of inspiration, helping me imbue my everyday life with deeper meaning and purpose. The classes and programming provided me with the tools to build a life in which every thought, action, and event has great value and significance.

I am sincerely grateful to MEOR for instilling me with a strong Jewish identity, a heightened sense of self, and a transformational new outlook on life.

Class of 2012, Bachelors in Business