Born and raised in Ithaca, NY, I grew up secular, attending public school and marinating a very negative view of Judaism. When I arrived at Cornell, I threw myself into social justice causes and was elected to the Educational Policy Committee on campus.

It wasn’t until my junior year that I decided to take part in Jewish life on campus. My very first experience was a MEOR-affiliated trip to Israel, where I met Rabbi Harkavy, a sensitive, sophisticated and incredibly deep educator.

When I returned from the Israel trip, I started attending MEOR Maimonides classes and later joined MEOR’s Vision trip to Israel. For me, MEOR represented my first opportunity to relate to Judaism in a positive light. I was engaging with my Judaism on a level that was deep, meaningful and challenging.

After Cornell I worked in D.C. on film production, but eventually came back to Israel. I now work for a hi-tech company in Jerusalem and attend MEOR classes weekly. I have found that MEOR has been an incredible support system for me here. It has transformed my life and become my family. The connection I feel to Judaism and the Land of Israel is a credit to the learning and growth that took place during my time with MEOR.

Class of 2015, Bachelors in Social Justice and Film