I grew up in a Reform household in Livingston, NJ. Hebrew school was my connection to Jewish knowledge and that connection was severed following my Bat Mitzvah.

When I chose to study at Binghamton University, I didn’t realize that I had chosen a school with such a large Jewish population. My first week on campus, I was pleasantly surprised by an invitation to join a Challah baking activity. From that point on, my participation in Jewish events snowballed.

In my junior year, I joined MEOR’s Maimonides program and was hooked. During my senior year, I studied with the MEOR educator on campus, Rabbi Kersh, and he suggested that I go to Israel with MEOR after I graduated. I was thirsting for a greater connection to my Jewish roots, so I happily joined the trip.

That MEOR Israel trip changed my life. I traveled and learned with like-minded people and decided to extend my trip for 6 weeks and joing the JInternship program. At JInternship, I continued to learn about Judaism but also gained real-life work experience in my field. During my 6-week journalism internship, I connected to Judaism and worked for JewishPress.com.

Now that I’m back in New York and working for People StyleWatch, I take everything I have learned through MEOR and apply it to my life. I surround myself with like-minded people and continue to discover Judaism through MEOR’s Young Professionals learning program for women, Souled. I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge I have gained and the community I am now a part of through MEOR.

Class of 2012, BA in English