Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I grew up in a traditionally Jewish home. We attended synagogue a few times a year and spent time with my grandparents during the High Holidays. Throughout my childhood, my parents stressed the importance of family and Jewish community.

When it was time to choose an undergraduate program, I decided on the University of Pennsylvania because I wanted both challenging academics and an engaging social life. During my sophomore year, I joined a program that connected the Greek life on campus with the campus Hillel. It was through that program that I first heard about MEOR. By the time senior year rolled around, I had become close with Rabbi Lynn, and we started learning together.

During winter break that year, I participated in the MEOR Poland trip with my brother, who had already graduated. It was an incredible experience in its own right, but it was particularly moving to share it with a sibling. When we returned from Poland, I continued learning with Rabbi Lynn, and after graduation, I participated in MEOR's Israel trip.

The trip really helped me clarify the most inspirational aspects of my learning, providing me with a clearer understanding of how I could make Judaism a truly meaningful part of my life. Inspired by the lessons I learned at MEOR, I founded “,” a platform to help people give to each other more productively. MEOR has completely redefined my appreciation of life and has helped me recognize my unique role in the world.

Class of 2015 Business Major