I was born and raised in Bellmore, New York on Long Island. I attended public school throughout my childhood while going to Hebrew School three days a week after school. It wasn’t until I began preparing for my bar mitzvah that I realized how important Judaism was in my life. One on one bar mitzvah classes with my cantor pushed me to seek out the Jewish community as I continued to grow. When looking at colleges, I prioritized a strong Jewish life on campus that would enable me to continue my Jewish growth and commitment.

On the Sunday before classes began at Drexel, all of the campus Jewish organizations hosted the Jewish Life Carnival near the freshman dorms. I gave my email to every organization so that I would know what was happening on campus and could participate in Jewish community activities. I signed up with MEOR immediately and became involved during my sophomore year when my course schedule allowed it.

I have since participated in MEOR’s Maimonides program, attended lunches, Shabbat retreats on campus and off, and traveled to Israel with MEOR.
MEOR has exponentially enhanced my Jewish learning, elevating it to a much more intellectually challenging level. The in-depth classes, coupled with the community of friends, have immensely impacted my life, and I imagine, will continue to do so throughout my college career.

Class of 2018, Bachelors and Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering