I grew up in a Latin-American family in Philadelphia. As Argentinian Jews, we were (and continue to be) very family oriented and traditional. I grew up attending Conservative Jewish schools and went to an Orthodox synagogue, but my Jewish connection was exclusively viewed through the prism of Zionism and traditional values. I didn’t feel any deep connection to my Jewish heritage.

Upon arrival at American University I immediately became involved in several Jewish activities on campus, including Friday night dinners and other social events. When Sophomore year rolled around, I was introduced to Rabbi ‘E’ Edelstein and joined the winter trip to Israel with MEOR. Going to Israel with MEOR was without question the biggest and best decision of my collegiate career.

When I returned from the Israel trip, I immediately signed up for MEOR’s Monday night learning class (and the free falafel did help sweeten the deal). Later, on MEOR Vision, I discovered that Judaism was real and relevant. It wasn’t just for Rabbis, but for the rest of us, too. We learned from actual texts at a high level, which made me feel valued and included.

After college, I came to Israel to study and made Aliyah in September 2015. I’m now living in Israel and working for Nefesh B’Nefesh, helping other Jews make the move to Israel. I truly believe that the connection I feel to Judaism and the Land of Israel is a credit to the learning and growth that took place during my time with MEOR.

Class of 2014 International Relations