Growing up in a Reform household in West Hartford, Connecticut, I always considered myself culturally Jewish. Though I had celebrated my Bat Mitzvah and attended synagogue for the High Holidays, I couldn’t really define what Judaism meant to me or what role it played in my life.

In my senior year at Harvard, I signed up for MEOR classes at the recommendation of Rabbi Edelstein, a longtime friend of my father and the MEOR educator at George Washington University. He also introduced me to Rabbi Ganger, the MEOR educator at Harvard. From the very first class with Rabbi Ganger, I could tell that it was a perfect fit.

The MEOR classes were always jam-packed with information, and the casual yet highly intellectual and engaging conversations about Judaism helped me frame ideas and concepts that pertained to my everyday life. These moments of inspiration and clarity were so powerful that I constantly found myself sharing what I learned with friends and family.

Towards the end of my senior year, I participated in MEOR’s Poland and Israel trips, both of which impacted me significantly. Following the Poland trip, I felt a deep sense of Jewish pride, a profound emotion that has led me to have Shabbat dinner every week since. The Israel trip took my understanding to the next level, combining intense learning opportunities with an exhilarating exploration of Israel, Judaism, and Jewish living.

My MEOR experiences on and off campus, especially my interactions with their amazing and insightful educators, have shown me the true meaning of Judaism and Jewish peoplehood. I am incredibly grateful for my time with MEOR as it has prepared me for continued growth post-graduation.

Class of 2016, Bachelors in Statistics with a Minor in Computer Science