Though I was born in Argentina, I finished high school in Mexico. We moved around a lot throughout my childhood, which made finding Jewish schools difficult.
As a result, my family played the lead role in my Jewish education and the development of my Jewish identity. We were traditional-- celebrating the holidays, traveling to Israel whenever possible, and remaining active in the local synagogue, wherever it was that we were living.

I heard about MEOR during the very first week of my freshman year at Drexel. I met Rabbi Kay after a Shabbat dinner, and he convinced me to participate in the Maimonides course during my first semester. I really enjoyed the depth of learning, broadening my Jewish knowledge base, and gaining exposure to so many new and different aspects of Judaism. MEOR changed my university experience for the better by giving me the opportunity to strengthen my Jewish identity.

By taking part in MEOR programming, I am surrounded by like-minded students who are all interested in learning about Judaism and Jewish life. I am so thankful for my time with MEOR, I have found meaning within my Judaism, and I know that it is just the beginning of my Jewish growth.

Class of 2018, Bachelors of Science in Bio Medical Engineering