I was born and raised in Central New Jersey in a traditional Jewish home. My beloved grandmother instilled a strong sense of Jewish pride in me from a young age, but it wasn’t until I connected with MEOR-RJX in college that I delved into my Judaism in a deep and meaningful way.

I learned about MEOR from Rabbi Goldberg during a chance encounter at the Rutgers Student Center and joined his Maimonides class on campus that first year. I found MEOR to be an exceptionally warm and inviting place, my family on campus. Rabbi Goldberg, and his Co-Director Rabbi Grossman, always encouraged me to ask questions, think critically and showed respect for differing viewpoints.

Participating in MEOR programs became a theme of my college experience. In my second year, I went to Israel with MEOR, and during my final year, I joined the Sinai Scholars program.

My MEOR experiences taught me that Jewish values are relevant to the modern day, to my life, right now. I think about my responsibility to give charity and help others as often as possible, and I try to infuse my life with spiritual purpose. The classes and programming provided me with the tools to build a life in which every thought, action, and event has great value and significance.

To this day, I know I can always count on Rabbis Goldberg and Grossman for advice and guidance.

Class of 2012, Bachelors in Political Science