MEOR Gala Dinner 2019

October 28, 2019


New York

MEOR Gala Dinner 2019
New York

Join MEOR in giving a special tribute to Tom Steinberg for his tremendous vision and dedication to building strong Jewish communities and our future Jewish leaders. Tom has dedicated over 15 years to building MEOR as the co founder and Chairman of the Board. Tom's passion and dedication to MEOR has changed thousands of lives and strengthened the Jewish people in immeasurable ways. We are thrilled to have the honor to pay tribute to his incredible work.

Event Program

6:30 PM
Cocktails & Buffet Dinner
8:15 PM
Award Ceremony & Dessert
Tom Steinberg

Dinner Chairman

Jeff Eisenberg

Vice Chairs

Seth & Leah Damski
Eric & Devorah Evans
Kalman & Deborah Glastein
Ian & Sophie Glastein
Paul & Lisa Glazer
Yasha & Nancy Gofman
Ralph Herzka
Yeshaya & Chava Maslin
Dan & Julie Sobol
Carey Wolchok

Dinner Committee

Blair & Elisabeth Axel
Ken & Adena Gershenfeld
Rob & Elizabeth Kurtz
Bruce & Michelle Taragin
Scott & Audrey Weitz
Contact Us
General Event Information
Debra Kodish
(215) 278-8559 or +972-54-466-1286
Scott Perrin
(212) 957-9155