An Innovative Approach to Jewish Learning For College Students

To appreciate the meaning, beauty, intellectual and spiritual depth of Judaism
To understand Jewish study as a path for personal growth
To grapple with life’s most difficult questions from a Jewish perspective
To seek the “why” of Jewish practice and tradition
To grasp the relevance, challenge and personal meaning of encountering great Jewish thinkers, both past and present
To cherish questioning, learning and growing within their own heritage
To find support, encouragement and guidance in Jewish friends, mentors and rabbis
To read more about MEOR’s innovative approach to Jewish learning, please download the MEOR Annual Report.

To inspire a deep lifelong personal Jewish identity and connection that will enrich their lives and ensure a vibrant Jewish future
To ignite the Jewish spark within each student that will energize and inspire them as they emerge from the campus into adult life

In weekly Maimonides program sessions combining teaching and outstanding guest speakers during the academic year
In one-on-one informal conversations with MEOR rabbis and educators
Around the shabbat dinner table, in shabbatons and other outings
Through discussion and exploration with other MEOR students
In learning-oriented travel to Israel and other Jewish heritage sites

MEOR introduces students to Jewish exploration through traditional texts, philosophy, ethics, character development, practice and more
MEOR integrates learning and study with social activities and Israel travel for a comprehensive Jewish experience
MEOR encourages growth of personal Jewish identity and meaning

MEOR welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds and prior Jewish education—from little to no knowledge of what it means to be Jewish, to having attended Sunday school or Jewish day school
MEOR students may begin with some Hebrew or none
Some students may have primarily cultural or secular Jewish backgrounds, while others have more knowledge of Jewish practices and traditions
All are encouraged to learn, explore and grow as individuals

MEOR educators are rabbis and teachers who share a commitment to our educational philosophy and to working with Jewish students of diverse backgrounds to encourage engagement in Jewish learning. Drawing upon their own journeys, they are able to relate effectively to young adults seeking answers to some of life’s most challenging questions.
MEOR educators bring varied life experiences, academic and professional backgrounds, and their own pathways into Jewish connection, to inspire and educate students. Our educators practice traditional Judaism, while inviting students to understand and be part of the complex mosaic of modern Jewish community.

Through annual surveys in which students provide feedback about the program and its impact on them
Through a range of choices MEOR students often make that reflect greater Jewish connection following their participation in the program, such as:
Pursuing advanced Jewish study opportunities in Israel or the U.S.
Actively advocating for Israel on campus
Exploring opportunities to live in Israel for a year or to make aliyah
Increasing Jewish practice and observance
Marrying a Jewish spouse
Seeking internships or work opportunities with Jewish organizations

Yes! MEOR actively partners with Hillel and other organizations on many campuses and works collaboratively to provide a type of Jewish learning experience that otherwise would not be available.