Since 2005, MEOR has inspired thousands of the most promising Jewish students on leading U.S. college campuses and effectively engaged them in the discovery of their own heritage and identity. MEOR programming is provided on both private and public universities that are distinguished by their academic excellence and/or a sizable Jewish population.


What began as a Jewish mentorship experiment on a single university campus has quickly grown into a masterwork of Jewish engagement operating on 21 prominent college campuses across the country and beyond.

Launched in 2005, MEOR’s unique brand of Jewish leadership training, sophisticated text-based study and experiential education programming highlights the importance of Jewish values, identity and community. In just over a decade, MEOR has impacted more than 18,000 undergraduate students, encouraging them to connect with Judaism on their own terms and in their own time.

In 2016, MEOR established post-university programming to ensure that its alumni would have a familial Jewish framework for sustained growth as young professionals.

Now in its second decade, MEOR continues to ignite the Jewish flame within a new generation of young Jewish leaders who are hungry for community, continuity and connectivity.



Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld
Debra Kodish
Executive Vice President


Rabbi Menashe Benedict
Ivy Edelstein
Rabbi Yosef Edelstein
Campus Director
Rabbi Aaron Dovid Eisemann
Campus Director
Rabbi Shmuel Estersohn
Campus Director
Sori Estersohn
Hannah Fleshel
Director of Women’s Programming
Rabbi Yaakov Fleshel
Campus Director
Rabbi Rick Fox
Campus Director
Rabbi Yoni Ganger
Campus Director
Rabbi Meir Goldberg
Campus Director
Mariel Goldstein
Rabbi Zalman Goldstein
Rabbi Mendy Gould
Campus Director
Rabbi Aaron Grossman
Campus Director
Adina Harkavy
Director of Women`s Programming
Rabbi Chaim Harkavy
Campus Director
Rabbi Ephraim Kamin
Campus Director
Rabbi Aron Katz
Shoshana Kay
Campus Director
Rabbi Ari Koretzky
Campus Director
Rabbi Avrohom Loketch
Campus Director
Rabbi Shmuel Lynn
Director of MEOR Manhattan
Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz
Campus Director
Devora Spinka
Rabbi Yoni Spinka
Campus Director


Jessica Cutter
Director of Operations
Shlomo Gershenfeld
MEOR Jinternship Coordinator
Debbie Inker
Chief Financial Officer
Debra Kodish
Executive Vice President
Dr. Ivan Lerner
Human Resources
Michal Levy
Director of the Women’s Learning Program
Rabbi Yosef Lynn
Ombudsman & Director of Poland
Rabbi Yehoshua Styne
Israel Educational Director

Board Of Directors

Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld
Thomas Steinberg
Jacques Brand
Eric Evans
Ian Glastein
Nancy Gofman
Ariel Kor
Andrew Penson
Lisa Rosenbaum
Barry Skolnick
Kalman Wolchok

Advisory Board

Kenneth Abramowitz
Raanan Agus
Isaac Applbaum
Jeff Eisenberg
Howard Friedman
Stephen Greenberg
Malcolm Hoenlein
Joseph Jacobson
Bruce Taragin
Howard Wietschner