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Our Programs
MEOR integrates the study of traditional Jewish texts with on-campus social activities and trips to Israel and other Jewish heritage sites for a comprehensive Jewish experience. Where will your journey begin? 

Maimonides Leaders Fellowship

MEOR’s Maimonides Leaders Fellowship provides the most promising Jewish students on leading U.S. campuses with a unique opportunity to explore Judaism at a level of depth and sophistication commensurate with their academic skills and aspirations. In a dynamic and open environment, students are introduced to classical Jewish philosophy, the relevance of Jewish wisdom to contemporary issues and Jewish perspectives on some of life’s most challenging questions.


Maimonides II

Maimonides II offers students who have already completed the Maimonides Leaders Fellows program the opportunity to pursue the aspects of Jewish knowledge and experiences that they desire most through an exciting and thought-provoking combination of classes, guest speakers, group discussions, one-on-one learning sessions, Shabbatons, field trips and more. Within the Maimonides II framework, students complete a minimum number of semester hours by tailoring their personal learning experience to specific interests, questions, and topics.

MEOR Poland

MEOR Poland employs a distinctly Jewish approach to engaging Judaism at its core, wrestling with the struggles of our people and engraving the lessons and impact of this journey upon our lives. This transformational experience is likely to be the most impactful and enlightening week of your college career, and quite possibly your entire life.

Winter 2024 Dates coming soon

MEOR Vision

MEOR Vision is a sophisticated and nuanced look at how Jewish wisdom can impact modern life.  Through dynamic discussions, one-on-one learning, traveling, on-site classes, and outdoor adventures, participants develop greater clarity of personal, spiritual, and professional vision. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and lay leaders, students delve into relevant Jewish wisdom focused on character development and self-actualization.

Summer 2023:
May 22nd - June 4th 2023
Winter 2023:
December 26th - January 8th 2024

MEOR JInternship

Upon completion of MEOR's summer Israel trip or MEOR's 2.0 Vision Program, students have the opportunity to participate in MEOR JInternship. MEOR JInternship is an immersive 6 week summer experience in Israel that pairs leadership training and career skills development with high-level international internships in various fields of interest. While living and working in Jerusalem like a true resident (rather than a tourist), students take classes in Jewish and Israeli history, literature and culture, participate in guided study of Jewish philosophy and business ethics, and work with mentors to develop plans for personal and professional advancement.

MEOR Jbiz Summer 2023:
May 30th - July 25th
MEOR JInternship Summer 2023:
June 7th - August 3rd

MEOR Israel

MEOR Israel offers university students from around the country the opportunity of a lifetime to tour, learn and live in Israel over winter or summer break…a trip you won’t forget at a price you can’t beat! Check out our trip photo galleries, read what other students have said about the trip, view past itineraries…and fill out the application that will get you started on an unforgettable journey.

Shabbat on Campus

For thousands of years, Shabbat has enriched the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities around the world, bringing meaning and context to the week that was and renewed excitement for the week to come. Every week, each MEOR campus organizes a unique and inviting Shabbat experience – a delicious home-cooked meal complete with great company, singing and lively discussion. Students only need to register in advance to participate. All students are welcome.


Women's Programming

MEOR offers opportunities for young women to discover, explore and celebrate Judaism together. Students are provided with opportunities to ask questions about gender roles, relationships, balancing work and family life, cherished Jewish traditions, women’s leadership and more in a comfortable and supportive environment that is responsive to their sensitivities and concerns. These unique encounters inform and enhance the Jewish experience for participants while allowing them to bond with educators and follow students in deep and meaningful ways.

One on One Learning

One-on-one learning provides students with the unique opportunity to customize their personal journeys of Jewish growth with a guide who encourages critical thinking, in-depth questioning and open discussion without boundaries.

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Meor Quest

Meor Quest is a five-day learning program for advanced students in Florida that lives up to its name, as we explore what we most want out of life personally and professionally and how to obtain it. The program is free of charge and space is limited.

sinai retreats

Sinai Retreats

Sinai Retreats is a two-week summer experience that provides Jewish men and women an opportunity to explore what it really means to be Jewish. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, participants engage in a vibrant excursion through contemporary and classical Jewish thought, delving into questions about the practical and the profound and exploring Jewish ethics, identity and spirituality in a warm and open environment.