MEOR on the Hill

Advocacy through Jewish values

Summer 2017

Price: $75 Application Fee

MEOR ON THE HILL presents students with an opportunity to take their leadership skills to a completely new level.

MEOR designed the internship as a two-part program:  The Washington, DC internship is combined with Sinai Retreats in order to provide a summer of turbo-charged leadership activity.  The study program teaches ethics and moral values and the Capitol Hill internship offers an experience in practical activism. One must complete one of the summer sessions of Sinai Retreats in order to apply for the DC internship.

Please see the FAQ section for further details.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum.

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Rabbi Tzvi Teitelbaum
301 807 2434

Every year, thousands of students from across the U.S. apply for summer internships in our nation’s capital.  Opportunities for Capitol Hill interns range from working directly with members of Congress to learning from the leadership of elite lobbying groups, such as AIPAC and other prominent advocacy organizations.

With MEOR ON THE HILL, you will be working on Capitol Hill in one of a range of possible elite and sought-after positions. Capitol Hill internships present a rare opportunity to interact with some of the nation’s most powerful leaders. MEOR is proud to offer this exceptional experience to a limited number of students.

MEOR students who have completed a Maimonides Leaders Fellowship may apply for MEOR ON THE HILL.

If you are eligible, please apply early in the year – we start getting applications as early as December.  MEOR ON THE HILL internships are exclusively reserved for MEOR students and positions are highly competitive.

There is a required $75.00 deposit for the application, which will be refunded to you.

MEOR intern jobs vary according to the member of Congress with which the students are matched. Often, the internship will require a significant amount of administrative work—interns are depended upon to help run the mail program, answer phones and run the front office.  However, in addition to administrative duties, interns are sent to legislative briefings, committee hearings, and assigned projects every week.  Interns are encouraged to be proactive as well—by looking at the congressperson’s schedule to see which meetings they would like to sit in on, or looking at the committee hearing schedule for the week to see in which hearings or briefings they would like to participate. Often, at some point in the program, interns are invited to have lunch or a similar informal get-together with the congressperson.

Most internships run between 4-6 weeks, depending on the congressional office. There are two possible schedules available:
Begin soon after the conclusion of the school term – usually the third week in May and runs through June. The Washington internship program is followed by a 2-week Jewish study program (please see Sinai Retreats for dates and information)
Begin at the start of July and run through mid-August. Participants who select this option attend Sinai Retreats following their experience in Washington.
Most offices will be flexible with their starting and ending dates. Please let us know which schedule you prefer when you apply.

The internship experience is highly competitive and the congressional offices do not provide room, board or base pay. However we will make every attempt to assist you in your search for appropriate accommodations.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum.