MEOR JInternship

MEOR JInternship

Men's Session: June 7th - Aug 2nd 2018

Dates are subject to change

Price: Cost of MEOR Israel trip (prerequisite experience) +$399 Application fee +$500 MEOR JInternship Programming Fee (Full price before scholarships and discounts: $5,000)

MEOR JInternship is an immersive 2-month summer experience in Israel that pairs leadership training and career skills development with high-level international internships in various fields of interest, including medicine, politics, journalism, finance, social activism, technology, and many others. While living and working in Jerusalem like a true resident (rather than a tourist), students take classes in Jewish and Israeli history, literature and culture, participate in guided study of Jewish philosophy and business ethics, and work with mentors to develop plans for personal and professional advancement.
Additionally, MEOR JInternship includes organized experiences that allow students to discover the beauty and diversity of Israel – both the Land and its people. Ample time is also provided for students to explore Israel on their own.
By design, MEOR JInternship is an incubator for interpersonal growth, providing students with opportunities to make real contributions to a professional team during their internships and develop lasting relationships with their fellow students while learning about their shared heritage and touring the country.
Thanks to generous subsidies from MEOR and its partners, Olami and Onward Israel, significant scholarships are available to all students. The nominal fees enumerated above cover all expenses: airfare, full board, travel expenses within Israel, and laundry.
To browse the full list of available internships, please see:

*MEOR thanks Maks and Leah Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust for generously supporting MEOR JInternship for non-profits.
**Tel Aviv internship opportunities are available, but students are responsible for incurring the extra costs of daily travel to and from Tel Aviv.

Contact Us
Shlomo Gershenfeld
Rabbi Aaron Grossman
917 515 2052

JInternship is a program which combines a career advancing international internship, with Jewish learning and leadership skills development.
MEOR offers the Jinternship program over the summer, based out of our facility in Har Nof, Jerusalem. For more information on the general JInternship organization, please see their website.

Topics being covered include Talmud study, Jewish ethics, leadership, character development, basics of Jewish thought, and more. Guest speakers are brought in occasionally to teach about various stimulating and thought-provoking topics such as personal inclinations, the depth of the Hebrew alphabet, and reasons behind the mitzvot. Students are also encouraged to delve into topics of their own choosing in a one-on-one setting, and many of them have taken advantage of this opportunity, researching areas such as Jewish history and in-depth text studies.

Internships are available in multiple fields and career paths. Check out a sampling of internships in the JInternship listings here
Keep in mind that if you don’t see the perfect match listed, there are other opportunities that may be customized for your needs and interests.

A typical day begins with one class of Jewish studies before heading to work. You will then go to your host company to carry out your internship responsibilities. There will also be a few evening activities and short trips within Israel throughout the program.

Three Shabbats are spent together in various locations around Jerusalem, and three are free; students have taken advantage of these times to visit family and friends in Jerusalem, or other cities.

MEOR rabbis and teachers are individuals who personally practice traditional Judaism while being supportive and committed to helping students become Jewishly educated, literate and empowered.

MEOR welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds and prior Jewish education—from little to no knowledge of what it means to be Jewish, to having attended Sunday school or Jewish day school. MEOR students may begin with some Hebrew or none at all. Some students may have primarily cultural or secular Jewish backgrounds, while others have more knowledge of Jewish practices and traditions. All are encouraged to learn, explore and grow as individuals – and all are welcome.

The program costs $899 (including airfare); $399 will be to secure your internship and $500 to pay for the program (after qualifying for Onward Israel & Olami scholarships) scholarship opportunities are readily available for qualifying students.

Included in the costs are:

Room/Board (2-3 meals/day depending on the location of your internship)
Airfare to/from Israel – booked by the program travel agent.
Health insurance, transportation to and from work in Jerusalem (there is no funding for internships outside of Jerusalem)
The program doesn't cover cell phone plans or rental and personal expenses

Israeli companies all operate on Sundays in Israel, so Sundays in Israel are like Mondays in the US. You will not work in your internships on Fridays.

No. Most of your co-workers will have a strong command of the English language. If you speak Hebrew, make sure to let the Internship Coordinator know because this may broaden your search.

Please complete this online application.

Here’s the process:
Step 1 – Fill out a quick application by taking five minutes to answer a few questions about yourself. It is advisable to submit a resume with your application, but you may do so at a later stage in the process if you choose. Afterwards, you will receive an email to schedule the preliminary interview.

Step 2 – Hold a fifteen minute phone interview with one of our Program Advisors and learn more about the program.

Step 3 – You will be notified of the appropriate Jewish Learning program with a link to that program’s application form. Submit the application directly to that Learning Program. They will contact you to arrange an interview.

Step 4 – Once accepted to the Learning Program, you will hold an interview with our Internship Coordinator to discuss the best internship opportunities available for you. If you like what you hear about available internships options in your field, you’ll pay a non-refundable $300 placement fee. When you do this, your Internship Coordinator will immediately begin working to match you up with your preferred companies. Some companies require a personal interview with the company’s intern supervisor; some do not. You’ll work closely with your Internship Coordinator throughout the placement process and continue working together throughout the summer for any internship-related issues that may arise.

Step 5 - Complete your israel trip (MEOR Israel/ Israel 2.0 - Vision/ Step) application and payments.

Step 6- We will make the arrangements for your flight and you will be on your way!

Following your interview with the Internship Coordinator, and once you find an internship that you are interested in you must pay a non-refundable $350 deposit if you want to proceed to the next phase of the process: having the Internship Coordinators actively trying to place you with Israeli companies. Time is a very valuable commodity and it is hard for companies to justify spending time to evaluate resumes and conduct interviews with candidates who are not committed to joining them in Israel. The deposit gives Israeli companies peace of mind that candidates are serious about traveling overseas to join their company.