MEOR Poland

MEOR Poland

Dates: Sunday, December 23rd - Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Price: $850 (from NY)

MEOR Poland employs a distinctly Jewish approach to engaging Judaism at its core, wrestling with the struggles of our people and engraving the lessons and impact of this journey upon our lives. This transformational experience is likely to be the most impactful and enlightening week of your college career, and quite possibly your entire life.

Capacity: 140 Students

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Rabbi Yosef Lynn

Yes. We will have an armed security guard with us 24/7. He will constantly be in touch with local law enforcement and will keep us up to date on any potentially dangerous situations. We’ve worked with this company before, and are happy with their service.

No, you do not need a visa to travel on this trip. We will be there as a tourist group and as such, are not required to obtain visas. However, you do need a valid passport with an expiration date that is at least six months after the return date of the trip.

Due to the nature of mobile providers in Poland, MEOR has not partnered with a Polish mobile carrier. If you’d like to use mobile devices for voice or data, please contact your U.S. carrier and explore their options for international roaming. In addition, you can also purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM card in most Polish convenience stores.

MEOR does not provide health insurance for its Poland trip. Participants are encouraged to speak with their U.S. insurance providers about extended Europe coverage or take out a travelers’ policy.

Students have VERY limited free time while on the trip due to the packed schedule we’ve arranged. However, sometimes there will be some free time during which students generally go out as a group (or a few small groups) with a staff member.

We’re happy to try and stop in hometowns of family members. That being said, we cannot accommodate everyone on the trip as we have an already busy schedule. If you have family history in Poland, we highly recommend that you do genealogical research so that you’ll have the best chance of visiting places dear to your family. A website that has proven to be a useful resource for past trip participants is that of Virtual Shtetl. MEOR will be reaching out to all the students before the trip to gain more information about family backgrounds and possible locations that we can visit.